Intro to Cricut

Project Description

The most used piece of equipment in the Makerspace has got to be scissors – used by students to cut shapes, letters, and patterns for poster projects, cards, and dioramas. The Rebels Makerspace wanted to enhance the cutting experience by allowing students to cut intricate designs faster and more precisely. So, we purchased a Cricut, which can cut patterns like a laser-cutter could but is a fraction of the cost. Unlike traditional Cricut machines, which cut templates using cartridges purchased separately or in packs, the new Cricut Explore Air series can be programmed by users to cut custom patterns out of paper, cardstock, and even vinyl. In our Introductory workshop, we led students through the entire Cricut design cycle – from selecting an existing design from the Cricut Design library to cutting the design out of cardstock – and participants left with a precisely-cut card sporting an intricate, creative design.

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