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Free Tools to Make A Cricut Stencil from a Portrait

The Cricut Explorer Air series connects with Cricut’s online design platform that allows users to cut pre-designed templates as well as images that individuals upload. By taking advantage of the latter, we have cut custom stencils of school portraits by using the Cricut. This year, we embedded stencils to create custom Valentine’s cards, but there…

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Build Project: Low tech, Upcycled Carton Wallets

One goal of Rebels Makerspace is to show that makerspaces don’t have to be high tech. Makerspaces don’t necessarily need circuit boards, robots, soldering irons, or any other special equipment. Instead, makerspaces can regularly build using simple, readily available materials. Makerspaces can be low tech. And, low tech is a beautiful thing. At Rebels Makerspace,…

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Build Project: Stitching, Stuffing, and Scenting Felt Shapes

When most people hear “Makerspace”, they think of a space where students are building with circuits, LEGOs, and 3D printers. Or, students are coding with Scratch, Spheros, or Makey Makeys. Basically, most people imagine students making things with their hands. Unfortunately, needlework (crochet, stitching, embroidery, weaving) is not given its rightful due in makerspaces. This…

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Build Project: 3D Hologram Projector

Want to build something high tech with low tech materials? Looking for a futuristic makerspace project but without the Silicon Valley budget? Then consider building a 3D hologram projector. Truth be told, the hologram projector does not produce a true hologram. And, this hologram projector work best on tablets and smartphones – producing a small…

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Build Project: Tin Can Lanterns

If there is a list for good makerspace projects that are also cheap to run and environmentally friendly, tin can lanterns would be on the list. There’s not much else needed except a hammer, a nail, a pair of pliers (in case the nail gets stuck), an empty tin can, and a thick towel (or…

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Build Project: Upcycle Gift cards into Phone Stands

I believe a Makerspace should be able to run on a shoestring budget. Upcycling – reusing (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original – is a good source of makerspace events. The challenge of finding the perfect upcycle project is…

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