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There’s no “I” in (Makerspace) Team

When it comes to Makerspace, there are some things that I’m good at doing: advertising and promotion, coming up with ideas, experimenting with materials, and making stuff (especially with paper). I was reminded this past week of the fact that Rebels Makerspace simply could not run with just one person behind the wheel. It needs…

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Epic Failure: DIY Cough Drops

On many levels, our DIY Cough Drops workshop should have been a hit: (1) the idea came from a regular attendee of our workshops who also loved to make stuff at home; (2) ads were posted in every science classroom (since everyone takes science) one week before the event; (3) the concept was tested beforehand…

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Makerspace Myth: If you build it, will they come

In January 2016, we initially launched Rebels Makerspace at Burnaby South Secondary. We had a 3D printer, a CNC cutter, some crochet and textiles supplies and several sets of LEGO Mindstorm kits. We were ready to launch the place, and we optimistically thought that – after a month or so – the space would run…

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Why we started Rebels Makerspace

Our makerspace not about educational buzzwords like “individualized learning”, “differentiated instruction”, inquiry-based learning, or “maker education” (but those make nice talking points). Nor is it about making “stuff” using “shiny objects” like 3D printers, Makey Makey, or VEX robotics kits to be trendy (especially since scissors, hammers, glue, and tape work so well already). Nor…

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